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Katherine Dunham – Salutatorian, SHS Class of 2015

School Committee members applaud their student representative.

Dr. Ellin Booras announced the 2015 Salutatorian and Valedictorian at the February 25, 2015 School Committee meeting with the following. 

Katherine Dunham, Salutatorian

Katherine will long be remembered at Sandwich High School for her insight, intellect, curiosity, loyalty and countless contributions. She is perhaps best known not only for her stunning success but also for her generous outreach to underclassmen and to the entire community.

Katherine is the epitome of Blue Knight Pride demonstrating in her actions and defined in her words is her commitment to serving as an exemplar of our core values. It was Katherine’s pioneer spirit and tenacity that fueled her success in starting a Habitat for Humanity club at SHS.

Katherine’s eloquence, precocious insight, and signature wit have become her legacy.   She has a wonderful sense of humor and shares that gift with all who know her.  Katherine is universally respected and admired while remaining distinctly humble and unassuming.

She has served as an exemplary student representative to the School Committee. One of the brightest minds and determined young leaders ever to attend Sandwich High School, her accomplishments portend her life- long pursuit of meaningful truths. Congratulations to this special scholar/leader who is a remarkable young woman.