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A Community of Givers at Forestdale School

 by Marc J. Smith, Principal – Forestdale School

 Last month the Forestdale School participated in  Red Nose Day, under the direction of Ms. Sue Sarafin and Ms. Connie Freeman.   Red Nose Day was a national effort to raise money for children living in poverty all across the country.  It was so fantastic to see all the red noses throughout the school and the dedication of the students and faculty to this worthy cause.  Our school raised $688 that will be used to support children in need right here in our own Sandwich Community.In my short time here as principal, I have seen our school participate in a wide range of activities that give back to our community.  It fills me with pride to know that we have such a passionate and dedicated faculty and student body.  Additionally, it is so powerful to see the joy our students experience when they realize that they are contributing to someone else’s happiness.Not only does our community benefit from these efforts, our students also receive benefits as well.  As a school we value the growth and development of character in our students.  We regularly discuss character traits that are important to foster in ourselves.  Three of the traits that we have discussed this year are caring, compassion and community.

In the classrooms, the hallways, the cafeteria and at recess we work with the students regularly to help them understand the benefits and responsibilities of being in a community.  We have talked about how our contributions can help improve the quality of our community for all of us and that it takes caring and compassion to reach out and support someone that is less fortunate than we are.