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Honoring 35 Year Employee Terri Delano

Terri Delano 

Terri is just one of those few teachers that all teachers aspire to be. Her calm mannerisms and fabulous behavior management skills make her class a destination for teachers to observe and be inspired by. She makes school fun for students by engaging them in learning, but also to acquire a love of learning. Terri believes in teaching with a sense of wonder and to nudge learning through experiences. She truly cares for everyone she touches. 

Mr. D’s word of the day is… “TERRI”

She can be seen wearing her “Word of the Day” badge every day! 








In “the good old days” before food policy, Terri would make each student a cake on their birthday, light candles, sing “Happy Birthday” and put on plays with her classroom. 

As the ultimate professional, Terri is a tremendous collaborator working with the likes of Sue Iadonisi, Michelle Eddy, Joan Smith and Sarah Murray to name a few. Word has it, late night check-in calls were not taken well by her husband, Dwight. 

She job shared with Michelle Eddy for many years. Michelle shared that there was a time that Terri made Abe Lincoln peanut butter pretzel log cabins for President’s Day. Forestdale Admin at the time, gave her the OK ONLY because the class had no peanut allergies. Terri was horrified because she sent the log cabins home on the bus and never thought about peanut allergies of students riding on the bus. Well Terri, you are still here. 

I will finish with a quote from Michelle Eddy, your long time colleague and friend: “I’m so sorry I am unable to attend the ceremony tonight to honor Terri. She is truly my Teacher Hero. I am the teacher I am today because of her. She is a fabulous colleague and friend that has taught be how to be a better teacher, mom and all around kind human”.